Pacific Northwest Baseball and Photos

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As promised, I’ve been adding more to the work samples page and I’ve added a page of photos. The most recent addition to the work samples is my two-part series on baseball in the Pacific Northwest. I wrote and produced both parts back in 2007. I had planned a trip to Seattle to visit a friend and found that she’d be unavailable the first three days of my trip because of work. So I pitched an idea to the head of the multimedia department at I emphasized the rich history of baseball in the area from the Pacific Northwest League to the Pilots to the Mariners. I have to admit, I was pretty surprised when she said yes! I was working as an AP at the time and hadn’t done anything this big independently before. I spent two straight days at Safeco Field, getting sunburnt and learning more about the history of baseball in the region. The highlight, without question, was interviewing the late Dave Niehaus. He had so many stories about the team and especially Ken Griffey Jr. It was clear that the Mariners were his life. Had I spent more time working at, I think I would have liked to interview more of the old school sportscasters.

I also added a few photos from working at Major League Baseball and from my time at New York University. At NYU, my favorite class, by far, was TV Newscast with Michael Ludlum. Together with my fellow classmates, I produced, wrote, edited, technical directed and directed a 30-minute newscast live on NYU cable. Sure, only 4 people were watching, but we took it very seriously. It was probably the most fun I had in my entire college career. Many of my classmates have gone on to do very impressive work at Good Morning America, on Capitol Hill and more.

Taking a moment to live my CJ Cregg dream

Also on the photos page are some of the adventures I had while at As a Red Sox fan, covering the team was incredibly exciting, especially during their 2007 World Series run. At the last series against the Yankees, I went up to the stadium to collect sound from the Red Sox locker room. Then I was able to cover the parade after the Sox won the series and got to hang out on the field at Fenway. It was exciting and the people of Boston were excited too. Finally, there are photos of my very first time in the White House press office (and only time to do date). It was a lot smaller than I expected it to be. Interestingly, the most helpful people there were from the ABC News camera crew.


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