Winter Allergies and Missed Connections

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The segment I produced today at work was extremely timely for me. I spent the Thanksgiving weekend trying to figure out whether I had caught a cold or if my sniffling and sneezing was just allergies. I am incredibly allergic to cats and my mother-in-law has four. Based on the information Dr. Neeta Ogden gave us today, I’m pretty sure it was just allergies. Bullet dodged! Dr. Ogden explained some of the most common causes for winter allergies; dust mites, pet dander and mold. She also cleared up a mystery from my childhood. That chronic cough my brother had during the winter growing up was most likely allergies. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that now. Take a look at the segment here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I also developed a plan for my final project for my Visual Storytelling class. Using my sister and my friend, Jordan, I’m planning to put together a story of missed connections. A search on Craiglist will bring up hundreds of missed connection stories in the city, some very romantic, some not so much. But if I can get the pictures I’m thinking of, I’m hoping I can put together an interesting story in 12 photos.

The holiday weekend was particularly busy, filled with family and friends and a lot of traveling. We didn’t get much of a break and, at this point, I won’t get much of a break next weekend either. Right now, I’m signed up to take an intensive on-the-go French course over the weekend. It’ll be 14 hours over three days. When I signed up for the class, I had just bought tickets to head over to Europe with my husband in January and we were considering spending time in France. Though I have experience with Spanish, but the most I know about French is “merci” and “s’il vous plait” and how to say I don’t speak French. I decided that even a rudimentary understanding of the language would be helpful. Since then, we changed our plans and we’re probably sticking to English speaking countries. But you can’t go wrong knowing how to get by in another language, right?


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