Visual Storytelling Comes to an End..


My third to last class at the New School is almost over. Yesterday, my friend, Jordan, helped me with my final project and I posted it on the online forum to be graded. I’m still waiting on feedback, but I’m pretty pleased with the final product. The story was called “Missed Connection” and it the tale of two lonely people in New York, played by my sister, Julie, and Jordan. The two encountered each other on a crowded subway car, but neither had the nerve to say anything. Then the moment was over. But after, searching the trains, Jordan posted an ad on Craigslist and they met, finally, at Grand Central Station. I’m particularly proud of my two opening shots. I told both Julie and Jordan that I was looking for sad faces. Both could have ended up being pretty silly (and I did get a couple of great outtakes), but overall, they both hit the nail on the head. I think my favorite part of the photos is the contrasting color temperatures in each. Julie’s photo is very warm with orange tones. Jordan’s photo is blueish with cooler tones. It works really well.

I think the final was an interesting challenge, but overall, I was a bit disappointed that the class didn’t focus more on taking pictures. We did a lot of reading and learning about photography techniques, lighting, etc., but we only had three assignments that required original photos all semester. I don’t know how anyone can improve at photography without actively using the camera. I certainly gained a new awareness of the elements of a photograph, but I’m not sure I’m fully prepared to put those elements to use just yet.

As this semester comes to a close, I have two more classes to look forward to in the Media Studies program. In the Spring, I’ll be taking Gender, Culture and the Media, which looks incredibly interesting. Throughout my studies at the New School, I’ve been focusing a lot on the relationship between politics and the media. I think there is a lot to discuss, especially as the 2012 campaign season heats up, about women in politics, women’s issues in politics and portrayals of women in power in the media. I will also be taking Research for Media Activism. In light of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement and it’s spread nation- and worldwide, this class could be incredibly interesting and informative.

Lastly, I need to complete a ten-page paper as part of my Media Management certificate. I’ll be focusing on the use of freelancers in the media and the pros and cons for both the employees and the employers. It’s a topic I have personal experience with and it’ll be interesting to see how the paper develops.

And then, after three (long) years, I will finally have a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from the New School! It’ll be a nice feeling.


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