Money in Politics Survey Results


Well, the survey was live for just under a week and I managed to collect 52 responses. I definitely would have like to get more, but since I only needed twenty, I’m pretty pleased with the final results. I conducted my survey with Google Docs and they provide great visualization tools. Below are the results. Thanks to everyone who took the survey! I really appreciate the help!

Other Responses:
None/Public Financed Only – 8
Tax Filers – 1
Everyone, with Limits – 3
How would you define a Super PAC? (This got a lot of great answers. Not all of the answers were exactly right, but most had the gist of it. Some of my favorite responses are below.)
  1. Runaway money train.
  2. a clever way to circumvent the intent of campaign finance laws (snark).  they can run ads, but they can’t give the money to the campaigns or parties.  however, when the your top advisers are RUNNING your Super PAC, the line between the two evaporates.
  3. A ridiculous electoral loophole.
  4. A scam.
  5. Monstrously evil.
  6. a good way to influence elections using money from mysterious sources.
  7. A veil behind which plutocrats hide.
  8. Lawyer-created gimmick to allow a person to receive massive funding under the illusion that he has no connection or communication with those funding him.
  9. bad
  10. A legal mechanism for corruption and the production and dissemination of political propaganda
  11. “Greed protecting greed”
Connecticut – 18
New York – 13
California – 5
Washington – 2
Pennsylvania – 2
Washington DC – 2
Maryland – 2
Rhode Island – 1
Minnesota – 1
Massachusetts – 1
Texas – 1
Illinois – 1
New Jersey – 1
Virginia – 1
Oregon – 1
I’m going to be writing up an analysis of my results in the next week and will post that as well. Thanks again for everyone who participated! And anyone who didn’t, you can still take the survey here. I’m no longer collecting data for my class, but I’m still interested in hearing from more people. I think they’re important questions with serious implications for our political process.

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