Two Years Later…


In my last blog post, Maddie was 7 months old and just starting to crawl. Things sure have changed since January 2014!


Celebrating Nate’s first Thanksgiving in our home in Rockville

In the last two years, the Westlake family has moved and grown. Shortly after posting my last update, I was contacted about an opportunity in Washington, D.C. After a series of interviews, I received a offer from CQ Roll Call to become the PR and events manager. After years of working in broadcasting, booking journalists for ABC News and MSNBC, I moved to the other side of the business, pitching journalists from Roll Call and CQ.

For about a year, I did mostly PR with a few events, then things flipped and our events schedule ramped up. In June, I moved solely into events, taking on the title of event programming manager. In that role, I’ve been working with a fantastic team to put together policy events and parties. I’ve really enjoyed putting together really interesting discussion with members of Congress, policy makers, government officials, academics and more. It’s fun and challenging and every day, I get to learn something new about what’s going on in the halls of Congress.


Day one

So, that’s big change number one. Big change number two is the addition of a baby boy to the Westlake family! Nathan Edwin joined our family on October 21, 2015. He clocked in at a whopping 9lb 6oz and 20.25″ long. A much quicker labor than Maddie, I was able to hold out and labor and deliver him without an epidural.

At five months old, he is an incredibly happy baby and such a joy to have in our lives. He smiles and laughs at the drop of a hat and watching Maddie do everything in her power to make him laugh just makes my heart swell. Nate’s also a pretty mellow guy and is frequently content just watching the world.


Maddie’s first day of preschool

Maddie is the opposite of mellow, but in (mostly) all the best ways! We are teetering between 2.5 years old and almost three, but I think almost three is winning. She is so chatty these days, telling us stories, pretending, singing, and very emphatically expressing her opinions (for better or for worse). She attends preschool twice a week and will be going three times a week next year.


Still working on getting both kids to look at the camera

And we’ve been fortunate to make some great friends here in Maryland. We’re very lucky to live in an area with great family activities. We live a stone’s throw away from at least three playgrounds and within walking distance of a nature center. We love going to some of the awesome playgrounds in the area and occasionally trek into D.C. to hit up some of the great museums with programs and exhibits for preschoolers, plus the memorials and monuments in our nation’s capital.

Between work and family, I have a lot to look forward to in the next year. Check back for more updates!